Donnerstag, 9. August 2012

Beastly- Alex Finn

Hey, ich habe mich heute mal entschieden eine Rezi in Englisch zu schreiben. Wie ihr sehen könnt, geht es um Beastly von Alex Finn und da ich das Buch auf Englisch gelesen habe, werde ich die Rezi jetzt auch auf Englisch schreiben. Bitte, bitte, seht mir Fehler nach, mein Englisch ist lange nicht perfekt, aber ich tu mein bestes :)

So, as I said, I want to write an english review and I hope my english is good enough to achieve this.
As you can see in the topic this review is about "Beastly" by Alex Finn. I have rode it in english and so the thought crossed my mind, I could do this in english. Well, I try my best. ;)

Kyle has everything a boy wants.
He's hot, has the most attractive girl in school as his girlfriend and his dad pays everything he wants.
So he's really self confident and shallow and he likes to bother ugly kids.
One day, it's prom and he chucks a girl named Kendra. Unfortunately she's a witch and very pissed about that. She decided to turn him into the monster he's in the inside, so Kyle looks like a beast.
His only solution is to kisses a girl, who's in love with him and who he loves.
Kyle has no idea how to find a girl now, looking like the beast in "The beauty and the best".
But it's his only way to get out of that curse...

Well, first I wasn't sure if I'm able to read an english book, but then I thought it's a good possibility to improve my english knowledge.
I was really arguable at the beginning, but honestly it was really easy to read.

Let's start with the cover. I really like it, because it's simple, and I love the combination black, white and a little bit red. Besides I really like the quote "Love is a beast", cause... no reason.
The cover fits really great to the story, because Kyle donate a white rose to Lindi at their first accidentally meeting.

First I was a bit sceptical about the story, because it sounds like a typical love story. Boy-girl-fell in love with each other- marriage.
But it wasn't. Alex Finn wrote a new interpretation of "The beauty and the beast" in a mixture with other fairytales, for example "frog king" or "Snow-White and Rose-Red" and I really liked it.
When I was younger, I was a big fan of fairytales, especially of "Snow White" or "The wolf and seven little goals" (is this the real name?), so I liked this book very much. The story is neither boring nor exciting, I actually don't know.
Sometimes I thought "Oh, what'll happen next?" and than I thought "Well... something will happen, don't worry.", you know what I mean? The story ambles along, but there wasn't real any tension.
And honestly I wasn't suprised about the end. If you read a book like this, I think, everybody knows how it ends. It was really obvious, but I didn't expect anything else.
I really liked the charakter Lindi, because I think she would be a great friend, and I really appreciaty charakter, who aren't just like "Yes, of course, I do everything you want me to do", but rather charakter with charisma and an own oppinion.
Kyle is just... well, at the beginning is an ass. But when Kendra put the curse on him, he changes a lot and maybe it's a little bit crazy, but I like charakter, who can be an ass, but who have a deep, nice side either.
And I think at the end, he is such a person, so I like him.

To conclude you can say that it's a really sweet book with a nice love story, but I think everybody can imagine how the book ends, so sometimes it was a little bit boring, but than something happened, that makes it better.
The author, Alex Finn, wanted to give us a message with this book and I think she did it very well.

I know this review is much shorter than my others, but actually I don't really know what to write, my vocabulary isn't as good as I thought! ;)

You want to buy the book?
In German *klick*
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  1. Hey :)
    I really like your idea of writing an english review :) I always wanted to do so, too but my readers didn't want me to ;) too sad :D
    However, I like your reaview :) Alex Flinn is one of my favourite authors and 'Beastly' is amazing :)
    In addition, your english isn't that bad :) but if I may add one advice, you should remember to add an 's' to the verbs after he, she and it :) That's a very common mistake :)

    hihi hoffe das ist okay dass ich meinen Kommentar hier auf Englisch hinterlasse ;) Auf jeden Fall schöne Rezension :)
    LG xoxo ;)

    1. Hey! :)
      Well, I didn't ask before I wrote it :D
      Actually I don't like Alex Flinn that much, but I only read 2 of her books, so I can't rate her.
      Thanks for the tip, I will correct it later! :)